For the time being no hikes scheduled in advance

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StMichielsberg via Seru Blandan 20181127 014 webThis year we have a good rain season. Lots of rain. That is good for our plants. They grow abundantly and the island is very green. Very nice to discover through a hike. The only problem is that  most of my hikes are over single-track trails, which means that the path is just broad enough for one person to pass at the same time. Currently even that is no longer the case. Because of the abundant growth of some of the plants the paths are completely overgrown. For my hikes I want to offer easily accessible trails; that means that at this moment I have to check a trail before I can schedule it. And most of the time the check reveals that it is necessary to clear the track from that overgrowing vegetation before I can schedule it. That takes one to four half day sessions. So it is nearly impossible for me to keep up a weekly scheduled hike.

I have decided to cancel all planned hikes from mid December on. The last one is the hike to Jan Thiel West on December 9. I did that one two weeks ago as a private hike and, although some more pruning is desirable it is acceptable as is. On Sunday December 16 there is no hike. At this moment it is not sure if I am able to clear the trails of the hikes that were scheduled for the last two Sundays in December. For the Caracasbay peninsula hike 3 pruning sessions are completed but there is at least one more needed. For the trail to the top of the St. Michiel's mountain 1 pruning session is done and at least one more is needed.

Please check my facebook page for the upcoming hikes. If there is a hike on the next Sunday it will be announced on the facebook page on Tuesday at the latest. I will place the same information on this website. And registration is only possible for the hike that is scheduled for next Sunday.

After the rain season when I have checked and cleared all my trails I will restart the planning for the current and the following month as was usual up to now.