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Jan Thiel West

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  • Difficulty: easy
  • Terrain: Mostly level
  • Total distance (km): 3 (coastal return), 4 (inland return)
  • Duration (hours): 1.5 (coastal return), 2.5 (inland return)


Hike from Jan Thiel bay to the entrance of the saliña (saltpan).
Highlights of this hike:

  • The ruin of the stone crusher
  • Ruin of the kiln with water tanks
  • Ruin of the old storage building for salt
  • Traces of the old pier
  • Nice views

The hike starts at the chain accross the dirt road close to the Chogogo resort at the Jan Thiel bay. The car can be parked along the road next to this resort.
We walk over the dirt road till we reach a small path towards the stone crusher. We visit the crusher and continue our walk in the direction of the saliña. We walk over an old road that was built to transport the salt from the saltpan to the place where ships could anchor near the entrance of the saliña.
We will visit the ruin of the lime kiln that was located here and we will also see the remnants of the old salt storage building.
After a rest we walk back. There are two alternatives to return to the starting point:

  • along the coast on top of the cliff and later on at sea level; this route has some nice views over the sea, we visit a brackish water pool and the typical mangrove vegetation along the coast. This route is shorter than the alternative
  • more inland over a winding path with diverse vegetation along the path. There are Gumtrees, Brasilwood or Dyewood trees, Dividivi trees, some Kalbas trees and lots of Indigo plants. This route is the longer of the two.

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Scheduled hikes

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