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St Michiel's mountain via Seru Blandan

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  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Terrain: Hilly, Possibly moist, Rough / sharp
  • Total distance (km): 4.5
  • Duration (hours): 2.5 - 3


Hike from the bay in the small fishermen's village of St. Michiel to the top of the St. Michiel's mountain (105 meters high) via another mountain, the Seru Blandan

Highlights of this trip:

  • Remains of the old indigo tanks
  • Nice vegetation along the path
  • Lots of crabs in a muddy area
  • View from the top of the Seru Blandan
  • View from the top of the St. Michiel's mountain

We park the cars in the parking place behind the dive shop. From there we walk along the shore of the saliña (salt lake). Depending on the water level in the salt lake we might need to take a higher level path. We walk through an area with a lot of crabs and visit the remains of the indigo tank system. From there we start the climb of the Seru Blandan. To our right we have a view on the more modern part of St. Michiel's village. When we reach the top of the Seru Blandan we can see the top of the St. Michiel's mountain. After a rest we continue to this top where we have a nice view on the surrounding area. Then we descend via a long path this mountain and start the hike back to the parking lot.

Please bring good walking shoes and sufficient water for the trip. Along the shore of the saliña the underground can be muddy so keep this in mind when selecting your shoes.

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Scheduled hikes

Because of the rain season there is an abundant grow of the plants next to and over  the trails. For that reason it is currently not possible to plan the hikes in advance. For each hike that I want to schedule I need to check the trail beforehand and in most cases I need to clear the path from the overgrowing vegetation. That takes at least one and in some cases up to 4 half-day sessions. After that is done the hike can be scheduled.
So there are currently no hikes scheduled in advance. Only the hike for the upcoming Sunday, if any, is shown here and only for that hike the registration is open.
Please check also my facebook page for information about upcoming hikes.

In the coming weeks the following hikes will be held: 

All hikes start from the parking place mentioned in the description of the hike.

Each hike costs US$ 10.00 per person to be paid at the start of the hike.

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