Changes in the offered hikes and schedule

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Seru Jamanika 20180923 024 webAfter the success of the last Seru Jamanika hike there seems to be an interest in hikes that are a bit more challenging; so the hike from Vaersenbaai to Boka Sami and then back via the Seru Sami will be reintroduced in the schedule. Also this hike contains a challenging climb and is a bit longer than my normal hikes. That also means that the pace during these longer hikes will be somwewhat higher than during my other hikes.

The two hikes for which I have two different routes that have a partial overlap I will schedule the two versions alternating. So for the route at the Caracasbaai peninsula I will go to the top of the Kabrietenberg (Mountain of the goats) and the next time I will do the hike around the mountain. The first part along Fort Beekenburg and the Quarantaine building is for both hikes the same. The same applies for the two versions of the route around the saliña of St. Michiel. In one version I will go to the top of the mountain and in the alternative version I will skip the mountain. The part around the saliña is for both hikes the same.

The repeating schedule will be as follows:

  • Malpais
  • St. Michiel around the saliña
  • Kabrietenberg (Mountain of the goats)
  • Parke Sorsaka and the Jan Thiel lagoon
  • Vaersenbay to Boka Sami and back (Seru Sami)
  • Jan Thiel West
  • Malpais
  • St. Michiel's mountain
  • Caracasbay peninsula
  • Parke Sorsaka and the Jan Thiel lagoon
  • Seru Jamanika
  • Jan Thiel West

As a consequence the easier hikes, Malpais, Parke Sorsaka and Jan Thiel West, will be held more often (every 6 weeks) than the more difficult ones and the alternating ones (every 12 weeks).

Scheduled hikes

Because of the rain season there is an abundant grow of the plants next to and over  the trails. For that reason it is currently not possible to plan the hikes in advance. For each hike that I want to schedule I need to check the trail beforehand and in most cases I need to clear the path from the overgrowing vegetation. That takes at least one and in some cases up to 4 half-day sessions. After that is done the hike can be scheduled.
So there are currently no hikes scheduled in advance. Only the hike for the upcoming Sunday, if any, is shown here and only for that hike the registration is open.
Please check also my facebook page for information about upcoming hikes.

In the coming weeks the following hikes will be held: 

All hikes start from the parking place mentioned in the description of the hike.

Each hike costs US$ 10.00 per person to be paid at the start of the hike.

Registration: click here

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